What is NeoRetin?

Lighter, Brighter, Clearer

Skin pigmentation can cause uneven dark patches of skin, appearing as brown/age spots or pigmented lesions. They affect each of us differently depending on our skin type and how deep in the skin the pigmentation sits.

NeoRetin has been specifically designed to manage the risk of Post-Inflamatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) – skin developing areas of pigmentation after procedures that cause skin inflamation and redness, a risk particularly in skin of colour. It does this by tackling every stage of the melanin production cycle – the cause of pigmentation.

About NeoRetin

NeoRetin’s Whitening Booster System contains clinically proven brightening and lightening agents that help prevent the development and transfer of melanin at every stage of its production cycle.

The range also includes broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to defend the skin from the negative effects of UV exposure, reduce the production of ROS and help to prevent any further melanin production.

Clinically Proven Results

Clinical data shows that, not only is NeoRetin effective at targeting the pigmentation problems that you can see on the surface of your skin, but also what you don’t see happening within it – and in as little as 12 weeks.

NeoRetin uses RetinSphere Technology, a unique combination of Vitamin A ingredients to help regulate the activity of melanocytes, the producers of melanin, in your skin. With on-going use, RetinSphere Technology has also been shown to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and brighten skin.

The NeoRetin Range

The NeoRetin range can be used to create a simple, but highly effective daily regime. It brings together each of the products in the range so they can work together for the best results.

NeoRetin Gelcream

NeoRetin Gelcream is a light cream that contains broad spectrum UVA | UVB protection, so it’s perfect to use during the day. It also contains the unique combination of key ingredients from the Whitening Booster System and RetinSphere Technology, while sophisticated moisturising ingredients leave the skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth.

NeoRetin Serum

The NeoRetin Serum works perfectly alongside the Gelcream, with even higher levels of the Whitening Booster System as well as an additional exfoliant, salicylic acid, on top of RetinSphere Technology. It’s the powerhouse in the range packed with hydrating ingredients and a botanical extract to soothe the skin.

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