Although shaving is a quick and easy method of removing hair from the body, it may cause rashes, spots under the skin, razors hold dead skin cells and bacteria increasing risk of infection and irritation.

Waxing is a great treatment for the skin, it removes dead skin cells and makes the skin ultra smooth, the hair is removed from the root meaning no need to shave every couple of days/ daily, waxing is far more hygienic than shaving.

We cater for all shapes, sizes and hair types, from thick and coarse hair to fine baby hair.

We offer all waxing throughout the whole of your pregnancy, excluding the first 12 weeks as pure precaution on our part.

Please do not feel self conscious, we are not looking at your body, we are purely assessing your hair structure, direction and growth to ensure the hair is removed successfully.

We work at speed, making the whole waxing experience comfortable not to mention we all have a fun, easy going personalities

The main advice that we offer our clients is to make sure waxing is a regular treatment to ensure the best results – it takes 3 waxes to remove any previously shaved hairs, those waxes should be approximately 3 to 4 weekly intervals, following this we advise approximately every 6 to 8 weeks dependent on individuals hair growth.

General waxing

We have a variety of waxes and packages to suit the needs of all our clients. We understand that you may feel a little nervous to exposing yourself but waxing is our speciality and equality is important to us. Your in complete safe hands and were here to deliver the best wax of your life. 99% of our clients have had a bad experience elsewhere but now they come to us month after month and are thrilled they finally found us. We’d love for you to become of our treasured clients too. We hope to see you soon.